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November 10, 2012 at 3:31 pm

In-Bed Fuel Tank Systems

Need more fuel on board?………………………………………….

Here at Mobile Living, we offer a various amount of auxilary fuel tank systems and pumps.

Our In-bed Fuel Tanks Available For Gas and Diesel Pickups.

in-bed fuel tank systems are available in 37, 50, 75, and 98 gallon fuel tanks,
and are available for diesel and gas pickups! Our gas systems meet federal and
California Air Resources Board emissions regulations. Our in-bed tanks are
baffled in three places and come with all components needed for installation
(some pickups require a fillneck adapter kit or
bracket mounting kit.  See below for information). .
37 Gallon Fuel
Our 37 gallon in-bed fuel tank fits short and
long bed pickups. It’s designed to fit under Pace-Edwards™ and Truck Covers USA™
retractable bed covers. It’s available in powdercoated black aluminized steel.

50 Gallon Fuel Tank
The height of
this tank allows it to fit under a tonneau cover. This tank fits short bed and
long bed pickups, and is available in either 14 gauge aluminized steel, which is
powder coated black, or bright aluminum diamond plate.

75 Gallon Tank
Our 75
gallon in-bed fuel tank fits short and long bed pickups. It’s available in
powdercoated black aluminized steel only.

98 Gallon Fuel Tank
Our 98 gallon fuel tank fits long bed pickups only, and is
available in either 14 gauge aluminized steel, which is powder coated black, or
bright aluminum diamond plate.

TRAX-II™ Operating System
consists of an auxiliary fuel tank, an in-line pump, an auxiliary sending unit,
a wire harness, an installation kit, and a dash mounted LCD computer

TRAX-II™ functions similar to a computer controlled balance line.
The computer determines the fuel level of the stock tank, the level of the
auxiliary tank, and the status of the vehicle’s fuel system once every few

When necessary, the TRAX-II™ module will turn on the auxiliary
fuel pump and transfer fuel to the main tank. The message, “PUMP ON” will be
displayed on the dash mounted LCD when this is occurring. The main tank and
auxiliary tank will decrease at the same rate. The LCD will display the gallons
in the main tank, the auxiliary tank, the combined fuel levels, and the
operational status of the fuel systems. In some vehicles, the OEM fuel gauge
will show the combined amount of fuel in the main and auxiliary fuel tanks.

With the addition of TRAX-II™, there’s no need for a toggle switch to
flip back and forth between the main and auxiliary tank. The TRAX-II™ module
does the transferring of fuel for you!

WEATHER GUARD® Fuel Transfer Tanks are designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel only, from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment. Constructed of heavy 14-gauge steel, theinterior baffles prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcing, and the fill tube is reinforced with length that allows for tank expansion. Transfer tanks fit with most bed liners andWEATHER GUARDCross and Saddle Boxes, and come in several capacities to fit your usage.

baffle design reduces fuel movement and provides extra reinforcement.

  • Lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up
  • Full arc-welded construction
  • Plate steel flange for secure mounting
  • May be used in combination with WEATHER GUARD saddle or cross truck tool boxes.
  • Exterior of tanks are protected with Brite White powder coat finish

Please feel free to call the store direct with any questions or email:

Mobile living,1420 Concord Ave, Concord Ca ,94520, (925)689-5454,,

Proudly serving the san francisco bay area for nearly 50 years in service areas such as: walnut creeek,danville,alamo,dublin,pleasanton,livermore,pittsburg,martinez,antioch,brentwood,lafatette,oakland.

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